Murray Hanson

Thank you and your staff in dealing with this issue in a professional and courteous manner. From your driver who was sent out that cold night and dropping me off at a motel, to your dispatch person and yourself. It was very much appreciated.

James Parker

“You’ll remember me from our conversation Monday. I’m the owner of the wrecked blue BMW you’ve been storing for the past two months. I apologize again for not getting to you sooner about what would be done with it, and more thanks to you and your company for your understanding and leniency regarding the confusion over what action needed to be taken to get it all sorted out and done with. The following pages of this fax include a release of the motorcycle to salvage, a copy of my driver’s license, and copies of the titles, registration and bill of sale. It’s worth mentioning that each and every individual I met or had any dealings with while in your country and since was agreeable, reasonable, friendly, and unpretentious. I left with a very high impression of Canada and Canadians. Thanks again to you and yours, and please let me know if you need anything else from me.”

The Boston’s

“We were unfortunate enough to have an accident with our truck and 5th wheel, they flipped over on their side on a hill and corner on the Hudson Hope Hwy. Fortunately we were unhurt. The RCMP sent for a company called “Generic Towing. A Generic tow truck pulled up and then a second Generic tow truck arrived. We were very impressed with their professionalism and expertise in knowing just how to upright a big 5th wheel and business class freightliner together. They towed us back to their compound where they parked us “level” and gave us access to electricity. The next day the owner and her staff saw to it that an office and phone were available for us to use, to contact the proper people. They had suggestions and answers to all our questions . We were their guests for over 3 weeks, providing us with electricity and giving us access to water. While there, of course, we were able to observe the comings and goings of the Generic tow trucks daily and nightly activity. The tow truck drivers spend many long arduous hours helping folks who, like us were unfortunate enough to need them. We also observed, regardless of how much damage there was to a vehicle, they did their very best to unload it off the tow truck with care. Without going into a lot of detail we were very lucky to be towed by Generic Towing. From what we’ve heard about towing outfits, Generic has to be a one of a kind. Regardless of how busy they are there’s always a cheerful greeting, asking how we are and what they can do to help us, always thinking ahead with suggestions to make our stay in Ft. St. John easier. The owners certainly have gone out of their way to help us and they have a very professional and efficiently run business. Our compliments and best wishes to everyone at Generic Towing.”